After another in Chinese version sells four pure crocodile skin effect Air Force 1 modified Low, the Chinese version released this version of Air Force 1 Brown camouflage Low, priced at 799 yuan, the number of 718152-300, love the friends can look at. AIR-FORCE-1-07-LV8-718152_300_A_PREM.jpg (41.49 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 camouflage leather version of 2015-1-27 09:15 upload AIR- cheap jordans for sale mens FORCE-1-07-LV8-718152_300_C_PREM.jpg (42 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 camouflage leather version of 2015-1-27 09:16 upload AIR-FORCE-1-07-LV8-718152_300_D_PREM.jpg (81.68 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 camouflage leather version of 2015-1-27 09:16 upload AIR-FORCE-1-07-LV8-718152_300_E_PREM.jpg (49.97 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 camouflage leather version cheap jordans for sale of 2015-1-27 09:17 upload AIR-FORCE-1-07-LV8-718152_300_F_PREM.jpg (36.98 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 camouflage leather version of 2015-1-27 09:17 upload AIR-FORCE-1-07-LV8-718152_300_B_PREM.jpg (30.71 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 camouflage leather version of 2015-1-27 09:16 Nike upload, camouflage 00 in October 2007, the EU's leather shoes anti-dumping duties will be Retro jordans for sale 1 years. At present, a number of enterprises involved in China's shoes are gearing up for the relevant information in order to submit an application for interim review to the European union. this is supposed to be LeBron 12 low "LeBronold Palmer" during the all star weekend by LeBron's feet after the re release of the physical map, significantly reduced the materials Posite, combined with Flywire dynamic fly line fuse upper and Retro jordans for sale low to help design Ji also reflects the pursuit of lightweight shoes. But the bad news is that the color of the sale of the time will be infinite delay, this situation is also very similar to the original LeBron 12 on behalf of the sale. when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!! Immediately search Apple App store to download and install the artifact APP-- artifact when the guest arti cheap jordans online fact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", micro-blog search "when the guest"!! source: sneakernewsAs the Olympic year, this summer NIKE Sportswear launched a new summer sports series of color, this is to introduce to you one of the DUNK HI GS. In fact, the girls have been complaining for SNEAKER boys style is always more than girls, and beautiful color are also more than boys, so the rich colors of this pair DUNK HI GS is definitely pl Cheap air jordans for sale aying a stand up to the force battle, simple but rich colors so that the whole pair of shoes showed a very summer feel, is definitely an excellent choice for summer with shorts, unfortunately GS, so you boys, the girls that you envy the. Source: oneness287Shoe culture "Onitsuka Corporation" - Nike's history can not forget the Origins 2006-11-29 11:49:06 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: China] body - Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Speaking of Nike's history, can not fail to mention a Japanese company: Onitsuka Co. Ltd., because Nike founder Phil Knight, one of the earliest sales of sports shoes, precisely? The company's "Tiger" brand running shoes. Today, Onitsuka Co. had changed its name to Asics Corporation, had the classic signs of the tiger has gone, but it remains the world's fifth-largest sports shoe man cheap jordan shoes for men ufacturer. 88-year-old Onitsuka hi Hachiro retain only love Asics, chairman of the company's title, this Knight with his friend coincidentally, in fact, they have many similarities, such as the courage to open up spirit. In 1949, only 31 years old Onitsuka hi Hachiro tired reselling beer on the black market after the war work, he believes sport is an effective means to help the Japanese youth to rebuild confidence, so he estab cheap foamposites lished Onitsuka Co., Ltd. In Kobe high school basketball coach Yukio Matsumoto persuasion, Onitsuka hi Hachiro started very early in the production of all the highest-tech sports shoes, basketball shoes, he produced the first pair of basketball shoes like Japanese straw was wearing shoes, so Yukio Matsumoto some good laugh. Since then, Onitsuka hi Hachiro began to seize every opportunity to watch basketball training and compet Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ition and find inspiration. 1951, the Onitsuka hi Hachiro learn octopus suckers principles designed grip stronger grip soles, and get a lot of players and coaches are blown away. Initially all the shoe stores are reluctant to purchase from the new company, but many high school basketball coaches went to a store to the owner announced that henceforth their teams wearing Onitsuka Co. production of shoes, since Onitsuka Kihachiro business was booming. After the success in basketball shoes, Onitsuka hi Hachiro sights on running shoes again, he discovered that much of the Japanese marathoner blister problems, so determined to create a mill will not foot blisters running shoes. Onitsuka hi Hachiro borrowed motorcycle air cooling system, in the toe and sides out of the holes, in order to enhance the shoes of ventilation and the use of double soles reduce stress, an effective solution to the problem of blisters. Onitsuka hi Hachiro and Knight met in 1963 Tokyo Film Festival, as like-minded sports shoes development, age and cultural background very different they become very good friends. Knight made "Tiger" brand running shoes in the United States agency, return to Oregon set up a "Blue Ribbon Sports company," specializes in selling running shoes Onitsuka Co. production, this company is Nike's predecessor. Today, Nike and Asics company no close business dealings, both market positioning poles apart, but many years ago that some common struggle of the day, but also never forget in Gratitude Knight reported hearts. Than the inner Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, there is a complete Japanese-style "Japanese Garden", which is to commemorate the Onitsuka hi Hachiro Knight had helped built. Related news