[Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] Yesterday, the peak of the 2012 Nike basketball tournament 11-man squad of the World Youth Wing officially announced, Fujian teenager Wang Zhelin (microblogging) was selected as the only Asian player. According to the schedule, local time at 19:00 on April 7, the World Youth wing youth wing will face the United States in the NBA (microblogging), Rose Garden Arena, home of the Portland Trail Blazers. Nike basketball pinnacle game around the world aimed at gifted and talented you cheap jordans for sale mens ng players to provide a stage play, this year is the 15th. Because each event will attract a large number of NBA scouts to watch the battle scene, and thus have the opportunity to selected young players we want to be able to fully demonstrate their strength in the game. In this year's World Youth wing players, most attention was undoubtedly the Canadian high school star player, Andrew & middot; Wiggins, the functional small forward, he was hailed as the next LeBron James & middot; James. Fujian Wang Zhelin teenager Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping born in 1994, just turned 18 years old this year, 2.14 meters tall, he is the current World Youth Wing basketball pinnacle game tallest player in height. In the recently concluded International Youth Basketball Challenge, Wang Zhelin averaged 23.9 points scored, the Chinese U18 youth team's top scorer. It is by virtue of outstanding performance Recently, Wang Zhelin was first elected in the National Team, but also attracted the attention of international basketball. For the Chinese men's basketball team has been reg Retro jordans for sale arded as the successors of Wang Zhelin inside, the pinnacle of this Nike basketball tournament will be a great opportunity to show their strength. We believe that through the world's top young players exchange and confrontation, the young Wang Zhelin will certainly be more clearly aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and thus more targeted to upgrade themselves. It is understood that Wang Zhelin is the first 8 to participate in the Nike basketball pinnacle game of Chinese players. The first to be invited to thi cheap jordans for sale s event Chinese players Wang Zhizhi, he was in 1996, when the Big Zhi scored 6 points 6 rebounds. In 2004, Yi Jianlian (microblogging) has become by far the only one in the peak season starting on Nike basketball players in China, when he contributed seven points, seven rebounds and 1 assist. After 2006 and 2007, Ji Zhe (microblogging) and Chen (microblogging) have participated in the tournament, but none of the two scores. Zhang Dayu scored six points in 2009, 2010 Sui Ran (microblogging) contributed 6 points and th Retro jordans for sale ree assists, while Guo Ailun 2011 is 4 points 3 rebounds. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)item: 543390-043 release date: May 10thNIKE again! Always hide the goodies to be the last with the launch of a complete series. And this was the final stage of the protagonist picture leftmost Vandal Hi, let Notebook Edition last members in place. This notebook comes with a design inspiration is usually when we use in class, which roads to catch the fields next to the straigh cheap jordan shoes for men t red line, as if to remind us in the summer also About & quot; school & quot;. This file things nightmare Proper currently available to buy ... if you buy into the wordsIn 1989, in the hip-hop culture under the background of vigorous development, Soul combination De La from Long Island bold declaration of their birth, by virtue of their witty funny lyrics, with good sound and a unique perspective on the plastic hitherto unknown music style. After the successful launch of the band's first album classic: 3 Feet High Cheap air jordans for sale and Rising, the album was shocking hip-hop music, the momentum of development and lead the trend of hip-hop, people are more willing to use the Peace Medal rather than dookie gold chain to detest the world and its ways to describe them. Posdnuos Trugoy, the Dove and PA Mase (also known as Plugs 1, 2 and 3) to abandon the era of typical grandiose temperament, opting for a more positive and style in order to break the amiable and easy of approach, then hip-hop barriers make this genre of music is accepted by a wider a cheap jordans online udience. The single "Transmitting live from Mars band (Da Inner Age D.A.I.S.Y. have announced Sound Y'all referred to as the official arrival). image (6).Jpg (55.38 KB, download number: 3) download Nike SB Dunk High Premium De La Soul 2015-2-11 17:02 upload image (7).Jpg (43.1 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Dunk High Premium De La Soul 2015-2-11 17:02 upload image.jpg (50 a reporter from the Quanzhou Footwear Association was informed that, in response to Russia's "cut to order", ta cheap foamposites king Jinjiang enterprises as the lead five Fujian enterprises Baotuan established a import & Export Co. ltd.. According to reports, the company will serve as the private enterprises in Quanzhou using the normal clearance channels into the main platform of russia. according to the main sponsor, the company president of Moscow Chinese Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Wang Huaitie introduced the establishment of the new company is mainly to deal with the Russian government last year issued a ban to". It is reported that Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping the Russian government had previously issued a ban of foreigners in the Russian domestic retail business "test to the", and had to combat the "gray customs clearance" on the grounds that the seizure of Chinese businessmen in Moscow Taisi Market shoes and other daily goods, the total value of goods amounted to $2 billion 500 million. The incident of Chinese shoes industry is undoubtedly a big storm. Because of Russia's foreign trade products mostly from China's domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, therefore, the "seizure" has a direct impact on Fujian, Shandong, Zhejiang, Sichuan more than 2000 enterprises, of which Quanzhou enterprises affected by up to 20%, about $400 million worth of goods were seized, is associated with the pressure of big enterprises. It is reported that the Russian , no clear standard in customs clearance, exporters in order to avoid complex customs procedures, the customs and the relevant matters by the special customs clearance company to become a long time China light industrial products exports to Russia mainly depends on the way, this way is called "gray customs clearance". The new company will select the entry through formal way now. 〈br: one="" of="" the="" participants="" general="" manager="" a="" company="" chen="" lili="" introduced="" in="" quanshang="" jointly="" run="" company,="" also="" received="" support="" local="" government,="" but="" now="" new="" is="" still="" facing="" great="" difficulties.="" she="" said,="" although="" white="" clearance,="" however,="" because="" russia="" does="" not="" have="" clear="" standard="" tariff,="" resulting="" current="" business="" difficult="" to="" measure="" cost,="" it="" know="" what="" profit="" or="" loss,="" therefore,="" this="" year="" most="" goods="" are="" hair,="" eyes="" can="" only="" look="" on,="" hope="" relevant="" departments="" negotiations="" with="" progress.quanzhou="" shoes industry association secretary general Zheng Tian said, Russia is currently on the domestic apparel products have great demand, the future market potential)